Yearling Cover

“Lo Kwa Mei-en’s Yearling is brilliant—blindingly smart and lit at midnight—hard and beautiful, so sharp ‘you could baptize a battlefield in it.’ Through its excavation of memory, trauma, girlhood, the body itself, it electrifies form and narrative in poems that are rich, journeyed, dark, resilient. So brave, too, in their song of recovery: wings and war and eggs and maps and scars and somehow, in the morning, vision. I am in awe of this book, will no doubt reread and reread it.”

—Anne Marie Rooney

“Mei-en’s poems fall terribly in love with, inhabit, wreak havoc on, and eventually attempt to revive the ecologies of adolescence.”

—Powell’s Books

“Birds and burdens are the glorious stuff of Lo Kwa Mei-en’s stunning first collection, Yearling. Liberated and vulnerable, fierce yet open wide, Mei-en’s poems are bent on burnished edges, making fast breaks to the celestial, and unfurling in curiosity as often as discovery. ”

—Betsy Wheeler


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